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how long does sperm live outside the body

stupid yahoo questions idea submitted by one of you through this url (uhohbro.net/ideas) what incantations work best for summoning jesus. pretty sure you're not suppose to summon things unless you want to burn in hell for all of eternity.

how long does sperm live outside the body

how long does sperm live outside the body, i'm out of paper for my printer, but does toilet paper work for printers? uh, how about you give it a shot, and tell us how it works out. can you get pregnant from watching a health class video?

obveously the one wasn't a very good one cause you still don't understand how people get pregnant how do i turn off capslock? *onision laugh* you see that button right there? thats what you press why does asperagus make your pee taste funny? better question, why are you tasting your pee? obvious troll is obvious

and i'm not going to read this one out to you. my girlfriend hasnt had her period since she got pregnant normally when people stop bleeding it's a good thing... i kissed my girlfriends boobs, can she become pregnant? google sperm unless you just s'ed a d it doesn't come from your saliva. i'm 46 and my girlfriend is 8?? oooh,

it goes on to say, 8 months pregnant. they are afraid of being a dad who's too old no big deal, when your kid is 20 you'll be 66.. they can just call you grandpa. this isn't even yahoo but it's good enough. how far of a drive is it from miami to florida? nah, probably zero miles... what, with you already being there.

can you whiten your teeth with clorox bleach? i dunno, ask amanda todd (wooow, okay) fun side story, i once tried to dye my hair with actual bleach not a very smart man... and, no it actually didn't work it just bassictly destroyed my hair. well(??) humans ever live on the sun? obvious troll how big is the specific ocean?

give him a break! hes like 9 years old. what kind of bees produce milk? boob bees (super mature.) *more onision laughs* my 12yr old brother has sex with his mattress i've never been that desperate... but yeah you might find a lot of 12 year olds dry humping things. thanks puberty!

i got some bad advice online? i don't get why you guys keep using question marks this way do you know whether or not you got bad advice online? then why the question mark? someone told me that to jtag my xbox i have to throw it off a bridge... (wow.) so i did throw it off a bridge, and now it wont turn on. any suggestions? you know what, i don't think you deserve an xbox...

*onision giggling, again* how do you turn on a computer? hey, he could be using his cell phone. thats... not totally stupid. why do black people call each other monica? (sigh.) you know what, i'm actually stumped. oh, i see it's just a pointless meme. it has no reverence or value in the real world. if evolution is real, why do we need mothers?

you clearly don't understand evolution. hence why you're religious! i am trying to get aids from a good friend so i can share it with others that want it but the tests come back negative. any suggestions? i mean, why not just buy a gun? you know? *another onision giggle* i don't think you should do that

but... aids isn't quite as effective as it used to be. someone wants to know how to get youtube to film you guess they don't realize that you do it yourself garry wants to know how he can test if his son is gay. leave a strait and gay porno mag in his bedroom. come back a couple weeks later, and see which one has more wear on it is it normal to eat your own pubic hairs? (no)

*onision giggles once again!* i don't do it. okay, so i keep walking outside my house with my laptop and i still cant see myself on google earth. yeah, thats like 15 years from now. right now it's just significantly delayed images they are showing you. is there a pill that'll make me gay? i want to become gay. y'know what, i understand where you're coming from.

when you're a gay guy there's a far greater chance to find someone who's into fps like you are. pretty sweet. could i be pregnant? even if you're on top? lemme guess, your parents are republicans? this is why we need sex ed. why do books weigh do much if the pages are so skiny? i dunno why would most people rather lift up 1 fat chick than 20 skinny chicks? why won't my parakeet eat my diarrhea?

*cute giggle* if your parakeet wanted diarrhea it could just eat it's own. can you lose your virginity if you fall? are you talking about if you land on your vagina and break your hymen. because this is the definition of virginity last time i checked you can't have sex with falling. my vegeta(??) is itchy and swolen. do i have an std?

if your vegeta is swolen don't worry hes probably just a little pissed off. he'll get over it. where do i store my period blood? you know what? thats- we're good. i think thats enough questions for one day but to answer your question just store it in the toilet.

once your blood is actually in there, just press the storage button on the side of the thing and the toilet will send your blood off some warehouse somewhere. good to go!

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