Senin, 15 Mei 2017

pee smells bad

- [voiceover] we've all been there. another day, another pee. status quo. and then suddenly the aroma. "what the hell did you eat?

pee smells bad

pee smells bad, sun dried stink bugs? pickled garbage? no, wait." - asparagus.

(funny music) according to numerous studies anywhere from 22 to 50percent of people report that asparagus gives themsome pretty rank urine. hey, branden. - hey. - do you mind eating this asparagus and then peeing into this cup for me? - [branden] yeah, okay.- [shin] thank you.

- [voiceover] asparagus actuallycontains a unique chemical called asparagusic acid. and why might that beresponsible for turning your pee into military grade tear gas? well, some scientists think it might be due to a chemical reaction. when your body breaksdown asparagusic acid you're left with compounds,like dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl sulfoxide,

and dimethyl sulfone. - we might notice a common theme there, sulfur. i don't know if yousmelled sulfur recently, but spoiler alert, it stinks. smells like a whole bucket of eggs you left in the shed all summer. how many times you are gonna do that

before you learn your lesson? text branden, and see how he is doing. "hey, meet me in the studio. "bring your cup of pee. "thanks." what's especially interesting about those compounds though, is that they are volatile, which means that they vaporize

into a gassy state at room temperature. maybe that's what inspiredfrench novelist marcel proust to write that asparaguspee transformed his, quote, "humble chamber pot into abower of aromatic perfume". note to self: read more proust. - [branden] hey, shin!- [shin] ah, branden. - [brandon] i've got the piss for ya. - okay (laughs).

so, this is fresh, it's still warm. - yep. - i would like to say weabsolutely could have faked this, this is actual piss. (laughter) you did this. - i did this. - have you smelled it yet? - i, i've been smelling it, yep.

- and your rating? is it...? - it's, it's bad. it smells like sulfur a little bit. - all right. i'm gonna take a whiff. ugh! yep, that's bad. i don't know why we did this,'cause you can't smell it, but i assure you, it's revolting. nobody said healthyeating wasn't without its,

its downsides. vegetables are great for you, but sometimes they make you stink. uh, i guess that's it. - [branden] truly awful (laughs). - [shin] that's disgusting (laughs) . - [branden] it's very awful.- [shin] please get it out.

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