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dalacin c

i would like to speak about acne today. acneis a condition that can affect us in many stages of our life. it is estimated that 70%of all people would have acne at some point of time or in some form during their lifetime. it is most prominent in our teenage years, perhaps young adulthood, however, itcan start as early as the end of our childhood years, at the age nine, ten, or eleven, orit may even persist or even start at the age

dalacin c

dalacin c, of forty, fifty, or even later, however itis rare. acne can take many forms and expressions.when we are younger it is usually located higheron our face and when we get older if acne occur, it usually occurs on the lower portionof the face, and sometimes even the neck line. acne occurs because of a number of differentconditions that play together.there is a genetic

inability to properly shed off the skin aroundthe hair follicles, the hair follicles also serve as the outlet for our oil glans. whenoil gets trapped at the oil glans and can not properly exit onto the skin, it enlarges theoil glans itself that causes the inflammatory response in the surrounding skin, which bringsin the white blood cells that try to fight that pressure from the oil glans. also, thefilled oil glans, will serve as reservoir for bacteria that normally lives on our skinbut can feed on the oil inside the oil glans. all of that together can as well cause additioninflammation when bacteria is present within the oil glans. so, there can be multiple differentexpressions as i already alerted to there is mild, there is moderate, there is severeand sometimes cystic acne and there can be

acne that is located not only the face backand chest, which are the common locations, but there can sometimes be a typical varianceof acne where the acne is located on the scalp, sometimes even in other area of the body.so, there are different treatment suggestions according to the different presentations ofacne. they are often time aimed at reducing the ceiling features of the acne. there istreatment of mild acne there is treatment for moderate acne, there is treatment forsevere or cystic acne, and i will introduce these type of treatments in a future segment.

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