Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

sore penis

objectification.(mmhmm) (can you say that?) she is a prostitute but she’s owning her (yeah) self. are we talking about the one by manet? (manet? yeah, olympia. that works.)i mean we’ve used it a thousand times but it still works! it’s like everything - olympia! *laughter*but it still works. okay. what is your interesting subject matter then now? as a woman? *giggles* so the fight’s gone now. we have nothing to complain about.

sore penis

sore penis, just to imagine it! *chatter*so. well i guess now. we are right now becoming equal. we’re finally...the next trending topic is transgender. (yeah. exactly. we are looking back at our.) we are going outside the box.

people sticking out, even more...people that are something in between women and men. okay.can i add something? yeah ‘cause i also want to talk about mona lisa with the... moustache. yeah that’s the “elle a chaud au cul”. i just want to say something about mapplethorpe i feel like (say it) he was like (let’s all say it) at the time, like kind of making fun of like being a transgender, being, um. being duchamp did the same thing. (yeah.) with his mona lisa with the moustache. (yeah, yeah!)so they are both, like similar. exactly,

and i feel like they’re, like, kind of challenging these ideas and they’re just like playing with them and then and the outcome is like - it becomes a reality. (yeah)(that’s what i am saying?) *chatter* she had affairs with men and women. she had affairs with like trotsky. she had an affair with... (she had affairs. yeah.) she was open about her woman lovers. (i remember that) i think she would defend herself as lesbian. or… well back then she just was open. she was sort of self-defined. so that’s the, that’s the strength of frida kahlo in this exhibit even though people are going to be like frida kahlo! we all love frida kahlo. (i think it’s the uni-brow.) you know it became *laughter* trendy. *laughter and chatter*

okay, we are putting frida kahlo in the show because of the uni-brow! that will be the quote underneath it. but you know what? in a way, she is uni-brow. (yeah, she- her eyebrows are connected.) because she is uni-sexual. (right.) she was an artist, an activist. (didn’t they say that people with uni-brows, they would become famous for longer periods of time more than anyone else?) uni-brow people? (mmhmm!)lipstick. lipstick?

yeah. by oldenburg? yeah. does this look like a man made it or a woman? i originally thought it was a man (man. it’s man’s work.) why? how do you know it’s a man’s work? just by looking at it? just think about someone who’s coming into our gallery. why would they think that? because…i mean to me, it looks like a phallus. yeah, totally!to me it looks like a sore penis. yeah! *laughter* we got you! *chatter* why does it look like it just came out of the can?

we are saying it's like virginal it’s – well maybe women. i mean, maybe this is all a stretch but you could think about it like at this time women had never been - like on the front lines. so they’re still - they don’t have the same perspective. if it was a used lipstick maybe it would be a woman who’s been through battle and came out of it. and this is what she has left. so it could be… that’s actually a good point. but i - it - i think it also could be a symbol for the feminist movement. i mean it looks like this lipstick is going on a march.

and it’s, it’s on a strong base like a.... almost like a base of a tank? (yeah.)so it’s a lipstick tank that’s just gonna like plow its way through fields. and it’s still like a relatively new movement too... and it’s not going to do violence. it’s just going to make things... red. (yeah) although i do think the color red is really symbolic.

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